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The ropes and the complications of distance...

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

We started this company with a mission to share our culture, invest in Kenyan talent and yes, make some money! The idea was exciting especially the thought of contributing to the development of Kenyan talent. We would be creating jobs for some Kenyans as well developing their talents and advancing their dreams.

Investing in Kenyan talent

The two types of fabric that we use so far are the kitenge and the leso.

We buy this from the local Kenyan market from small scale retailers that are trying to make ends meet. This has not been easy and we can't say that we are completely settled with our choice as it has been hard to get a consistent and efficient distributor. We are getting there with time but are grateful for the lives we've been able to touch in the process.

The second step is to get our designs together and share them with our tailors. This is an even harder process!

Mostly because of lack of work ethic or difference in understanding. We were initially blessed to get a good tailor who was really skilled at sewing but not at getting measurements right. Therefore, her execution was really neat and professional but the fit was off. We then got a more skilled tailor who was great at translating the designs and producing an exact copy of our desires. The only challenge was that he wasn't honest and started to slack under pressure.

Currently, we have one that is proving to be awesome! We might be on to something! :-)

Transporting the finished products...

It takes a while for the clothes to get shipped and sometimes they do arrive later than expected, for obvious reasons. So far we've had it quite easy since we didn't start out with a store so there's not been as much pressure. That said, the timing of delivery against our planned events has been somewhat frustrating. We've had to adjust some of our speculations to fit in the delivery process.

Lots of learning so far...which we are enjoying! :-)

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