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1 Year Celebration!!!

Updated: May 19, 2020

What?! How did a year go by so fast? I guess time flies when you're busy and having fun :-)

So here we are after 1year and what a better time to celebrate this wonderful milestone. And you know what, we couldn't have done it without you....obviously!!!!! So would you do us the honour of obliging to celebrate with us? Pretty please?!!!

The celebration is on!

We have loads of exciting moments planned for the evening, all for you! ;-)

The reveal of our super summer collection...and an exciting men's collection...finally! The men's collection is still in shippment so we hope all the garments get here on we are not stressed about that...oh dear!! Oh, and everything will be on sale that evening, whoop! Start checking out your favourite pieces and get set to rock it as know what...brighten Sweden! ;-)

Well, what's a party without some good music? We have the amazing talent of Sam Matega to entertain us. His angelic voice is sure to warm your heart and give you some good vibes.

Sam Matega

No, we did not forget the food, come on, who does that? We will surely serve a variety of good finger foods rest assured and non-alcoholic drinks ;-)

Oh, we have to mention some very special people who have partnered with us to make this evening successful. They are worth a shout out because of their support. And might I say that they have added some good value to our raffle draw prizes...60mins massage session, 1hr with a PT, 3months free gold membership at the Gym, vegan desserts gift card and much more!!

(click on each and you’ll get to know more about our wonderful event sponsors.)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Parkgatan 3 on Saturday the 15th of June at 17:00. Plan to be there the whole evening from 17:00 to 22:00 and we promise you a good evening! Don't forget your dancing shoes!!...and your fat wallet! :-)

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