Who We Are:

We are Maridadi Creations, a fashion brand located in Sweden.


We are intrigued by culture and especially the ability and power of share and exchange.


Having our roots in the vibrant continent of Africa, one of the rich aspects of African culture is fashion, heralded by our bright, colourful, bold and beautiful fabrics. This has majorly influenced our sense of style, wearing colour and patterns boldly and fashionably.


We are thus passionate about sharing this part of our culture with a desire to brighten up Sweden.

What we believe:

We believe that everyone looks great in bright colours and bold patterns.


We believe that colour is therapeutical and affects ones emotions positively.


We believe that every one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made...marvellous to behold!


We believe that each of us has the creative power within them. 


We believe that each one of us has something great to offer and that through our interactions, a positive exchange is established which causes us to learn and develop as human beings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our culture, to brighten up Sweden and to empower everyone we interact with along the way.

Our Products:

Our garments are made from fabulous African fabrics that have incredible prints and colours.


It is impossible to make each piece of cloth look exactly the same due to the nature of the wax printing process. Therefore, each wax print fabric is truly unique, just like each of us!


​Our designs are both simple and elegant and are handmade by our fantastic Kenyan dressmakers.

You are worth a Maridadi garment and much more! ;-)


​At the moment, we have majorly focused on women's clothing -dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets.

Men's clothing and children's clothing are still a new venture which we intend to expand on.


We have a couple of other great ideas in the pipelines.

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